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A trip to London June 2005

       Photos                                 7c went to London

Months ago, we begged Mrs Sudek to go to London with us until she agreed.
On Friday, 3rd June we went there. First we met at school at midnight and then we – together with 7b and Mrs Lieber-Kaiser and Mr Hayen - drove by bus eight hours to Calais/France. There we drove with the ferry over the Atlantic ocean to Britain.
The bus ride was very boring. I couldn't sleep and so I was listening to music.
The ferry rolled because of the storm. So we were hardly able to stand. The doors which led outside weren`t easy to open Some of us got really sick.
When we arrived at Dover, we were happy to get there : we saw beautiful white rocks and we had a bus ride again. Two hours later we arrived at London. There Mrs Sudek had been waiting for us and met us at Trafalgar Square where we took lots of nice photos and climbed on the lions!
Next, we went to BuckinghamPalace and we watched the rehearsal of the Queen’s birthday parade. There was a large crowd of people and we saw a nice parade and some people wore red tops, black trousers and very funny black hats. They could hardly see because of these big hats. It was very interesting!
Then we saw Big Ben and the London Eye.
We wanted to ride with this giant wheel but we were only allowed to go on it, if an adult came with us. But nobody of the teachers wanted to go on it. So we went shopping at Covent Garden. On the way we saw people who were golden and silver, like statues. They stood or sat on a box, they didn't move. Only when we gave them money, they said ‘thank you’.
At Covent Garden some of us bought souvenirs and the others had a meal.
Next we went to Piccadilly Circus by Underground.
There we had a break and later, we went to Hamleys, a big toy shop. After that Mrs. Sudek said goodbye to us and we walked with René through China town to Leicester Square.
 There we had a break again. We ate and bought something.
After that we went to Trafalgar Square, met all the others from 7b again and waited for the bus.
On the way back, everybody slept, but on the ferry we weren't tired.
The best sight was Trafalgar Square because of the wonderful fountain and because it is a very lively place.
Nothing was bad or boring and we all had lots of fun in this exciting city.
We are glad to have been in London, although it was a very short trip.

Miriam –  Tanja - Tim – Siar Wie – Corinna